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Does Cedar really repel moths?
07.10.2019 | wahdawn | Moth Repellent & Snake Away

Does Cedar Repel Moths?

Here at Pest Republic we have years of combined experience dealing with nuisance pest issues. Both domestically in your home, as well as commercially in your business. We know that knowledge is the best tool for combating Pest issues and that is why we are sharing every piece of useful information we have acquired over the years
Does Cedar Repel Moths? The simple answer is yes. Cedar does repel moths, along with many other nuisance insects. However, the real key to its efficacy, is what method you use to introduce the cedar into the moth’s environment.
In this article we will be discussing the different ways that you can add cedar into your own living situations to deter moths and prevent the potential for a full-scale moth infestation. We will also look at some other simple natural remedies that you can use in conjunction with or instead of cedar that should hopefully keep any moth problems under control.

So what ways can you use cedar to repel moths?


Cedar Lined Wardrobe

A cedar or cedar lined wardrobe is an excellent option for deterring moths and some other pests from making your clothes their next meal. Moths can’t stand cedar and what better way than to literally encase your clothes in the stuff. Alternatively, you can look out for cedar storage trunks which would act in the same way. Perhaps even better as they are closed off and would contain the cedar smell more efficiently. Cedar lined cupboards in the kitchen could prove quite helpful at keeping pantry moths away. Just remember that the strength of the cedar smell can deteriorate over time, so you may need to lightly sand some parts or else rub some cedar oil back into the wood.


Cedar Hanger Disks

Another great clothes storage solution is to use cedar hangers or else to attach these cedar discs onto each of your hangers. This isn’t as effective as some other methods but unless you have a severe moth problem, these should prove quite useful in any average situation. Again, like all cedar wood products the smell will weaken over time and you may need to either sand the discs lightly or else rub some cedar oil back into them after some years.


Cedar Chips

Cedar chips are probably the most versatile of the cedar wood moth deterring options as you can put them anyway. Fill small cloth bags that allow air to pass through with handfuls of cedar wood chips. You can now place these bags anywhere that you may have seen a moth lurking, or anywhere that you may want to potentially keep moths away from. The corner of the wardrobe or kitchen cupboards is always a good place to start. For an extra powerful moth deterrent, you can add Indian lilac and lavender to the cloth bags. Moths and their larvae aren’t particularly fond of Indian lilac, it’s one of the best natural remedies for deterring moths as well as a lot of other pests. The oil is typically the strongest, in which case you could add a few drops to a cotton ball and add it into the cloth bag along with the cedar chips. However, you could also use dried leaves if for whatever reason you could acquire them easier. Another natural remedy that you can add to these cloth sacks that you may have laying around in your cupboards is cloves. There aren’t too many insects that can withstand the aroma of coves and believe us moths are no exception when it comes to this. Within the cloves is a natural insecticide called eugenol and it is this compound that the moths are just unable to handle.

Cedar Oil

When it comes to deterring moths, as you might have realised by now, cedar is an excellent natural way of doing so. Now as we have pointed out before the wood itself can lose its potency over time, the solution to which is to apply some cedar oil back into the wood. Some might think it could just be more efficient to just go straight to using cedar oil. And they would be right in some ways. The easiest way to use the cedar oil is to apply it to cotton balls. Just a few drops are all you need. Place one or two balls in the corners of your wardrobe, as far back as you can in the darker areas. Or anywhere you may have seen a moth lurking, maybe a little bit closer to where you keep that prized fur coat. Just make sure to avoid getting any of the oil on your clothes. It’s just not the most ideal situation. You might be able to get it out but if you can’t it seems somewhat counter intuitive to use a method that could ultimately ruin the clothes yor are trying to protect.


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