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Do these leak cedar oil onto items in drawers / closets and other home spaces?
06.03.2022 | WAHDAWN Aromatic Cedar | Moth Repellent & Snake Away

Today one of our customers ask us a question:

Do our cedar blocks will leak oil onto items in drawers ?

This is a good question, some people don't realize this problem especially if they first use the cedar to repel moths or freshen storage odor.

We now know that cedar’s insect-repelling power lies in the oil that infuses its wood. The oil from cedar — repels clothes moths from laying their eggs in wool and other fabrics.And the oil of red cedar is relatively volatile, also the more exposed to the air, the faster the cedar oil volatilizes.

Based on the volatile characteristics of red cedar oil, we need to pay attention to two aspects: How to use and Pay attention

1. How to use cedar to achieve the best effect

Cedar oil volatilizes slowly and has a light pleasant smell, So use enough cedar wood blocks to get a stronger cedar smell,especially for shoe cabinet, cars and bathroom, pet bedding. 

Try to use cedar in a enclosed space,Such as wardrobe, drawers, lockers, under-bed storage bags & bins.

Reduce the frequency of opening closets, drawers, etc.

Don't forget to close the drawers after opening the wardrobe

2. Pay attention to the cedar stain problem 

Do no put cedar balls / blocks directly on your clothes, may stain,use paper wrap cedar or mesh bags.

Use suit cedar product for different space need. 

For Closets, Wardrobe: 

cedar hangups, hanging planks, cedar rings, cedar chips sachets bags

For Drawers, Storge bins & Bags

Cedar Chips Sachets Bags is best . Easy to use and no worry of cedar stain problem. also use improved sachet bags solved sawdust leak problem.

For Shoes cabinet, Sneakers, Boots, Kitchen Cupboard

Cedar balls, Cedar cubes, Cedar sachets, cedar blocks all ok .