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Does Cedar Wood Deter Spiders?
08.03.2019 | Jill Kokemuller |

" Cedar wood is more resistant to insect infestation than other types of wood, although the resistance is enhanced by staining and treating the wood. The EPA lists cedar oil as a minimum risk pesticide. But this doesn't apply to arachnids. There is no evidence cedar deters spiders, according to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on a webpage that debunks spider myths. Cedar wood chips -- good as they are at protecting your woolens from moths -- provide a warm place for spiders to hide if they can find a way inside the box. The best way to deter spiders is to eliminate their food source. Outside the house, use yellow light bulbs, which attract fewer insects. Clean, dust and remove clutter regularly. Vacuum webs you may find, as well as crumbs that may attract insects. If you find a spider in your home, University of California recommends removing it by covering it with a jar, sliding a piece of cardboard underneath, and freeing it outside where it can do its job managing the insect population."

------ by Jill Kokemuller