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How to protect seasonal cashmere wool clothes in summer?
04.29.2021 | Wahdawn Cedar |

Summers coming soon and there will be a problem: how to protect our favorite seasonal cashmere wool clothing or silk fabric.

First enemy - Moths :
we know webbing clothes moths and casemaking clothes moths plague wool, silk, cashmere and other textile items. they prefer to live in dark places, like wardrobe, closet and chests, they will lay their eggs on wool,when the eggs hatch, serve as sources of food for the larvae. But wool and cashmere, some of their favorite foods, can be quite expensive to replace (if they can be replaced at all), not to mention that you might lose some of your favorite pieces of clothing.

Second - moisture mildew smelling :
Long storing seasonal clothing will have awful bad odor smelling, even mildew.


  •  Keep wool, silk or cashmere clothing clean, for insects prefer soiled garments.
  •  Keep your house clean and well vacuumed to prevent moths from growing and spreading.But if we have a holiday and left home can't keep the house clean during these time.
  • Use garment covers sounds is a great idea prevent moths, but can't solve moisture mildew
  • Moth traps /balls or lavender sachets, most old fashion moth balls will leave awful smelling to the clothes,lavender smelling not all people like it,especailly man and kids ,pets don't like it.

So we suggest use natural and safe aromatic red cedar product, they offering pleasure scent to keep moth away from the clothes storage and also clould absorb moisture prevent mildew and won't leave any scent to your sotring clothes.