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How to use the red cedar?
04.02.2022 | WAHDAWN |

Red Cedar exactly should be aromatic eastern red cedar wood can repel moths and silverfish. Western red cedar don't have this affect though western red cedar with fragrance too. And red cedar can't kill adult moths only keep them away from your clothes storage. But cedar could kill moths larve,egg.

There are too many popular cedar products: cedar hangers, balls, cube blocks, planks, chips sachets. So following are advises to use these cedar values:

  • Cedar Hangers: if you have suits, or wool coats, silk dresses. cedar hangers is a good idea. or no necessary to use cedar hangers,because they usually expensive than normal clothing hangers. You could use cedar hanging planks or cedar chips sachets or even cedar hanger rings.for normal closets, 4-6 cedar hangups or 5-6 cedar chips sachets bags, 10-15 cedar rings.


  • Cedar Balls / Cedar Rings: most cedar balls diameter approx 0.8" there are small size. So you need approx 30-50 pieces cedar balls if for closets. But cedar balls great for drawers and storage bins & bags. 10-15 pieces cedar balls could keep drawers fresh scent and anti moths. 10-15 cedar rings for closets and drawers. we also could use cedar rings,balls for sneakers,boots stinky remove and keep the shoes smell new fresh.


  • Cedar Cube Blocks: Larger than cedar balls and smaller than planks, they are perfect lay on shelf or for locker 


  • Cedar chips sachets bags, we could use them in closets, drawers and car air freshener.


  • Wahdawn have all most popular cedar and value packs to meet your home need. and also support OEM order for huge quantity need.