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Wahdawn Aromatic Red Cedar Balls Moth Protection Odor Freshen 30Pcs
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Wahdawn Aromatic Red Cedar Balls Moth Protection Odor Freshen 30Pcs

Cedar Balls for Clothes Storage

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We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on our cedar wood accessories if you are not satisfied with the product. Let you risk-free purchase.

  • Made of 100% natural and organic aromatic eastern red cedar wood,Eco-friendly and non-toxic safe for the entire family
  • Cedar balls good for your closets drawers storage: natural protection against damage from moths and all insects. Cedar helps absorb dampness and odors. Aromatic cedar balls bring a fresh outdoorsy fragrance into your home.
  • Cedar balls last for 6 months so to maintain their effectiveness, simply refresh them with our natural cedar blend refresher spray . Between refreshes, you can also renew the natural aroma of your cedar balls by sanding lightly with sandpaper.
  • 100% natural alternative to something more toxic, like mothballs, cedar works well. You can even pair it with other herbs and oils to make it more effective
  • Cedar Balls can repel a variety of insects including cloth-eating moths, carpet beetles, cockroaches, and certain types of ants
  • Keep cedar from directly touching your clothing to prevent staining, please use paper wrap cedar balls or mesh bags