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Wahdawn Cedar Moth Balls 100 Pack
Wahdawn Cedar Moth Balls 100 Pack
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Wahdawn Cedar Moth Balls 100 Pack
Wahdawn Cedar Moth Balls 100 Pack
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Wahdawn Cedar Moth Balls 100 Pack

Protect your wool sweater

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These 100 Wahdawn Cedar Moth Balls are made of 100 per cent cedar wood, which naturally repels moths and insects. Easy to spread discreetly around wardrobes and drawers, the moth and odour protection balls also absorb moisture. Protect your woollies from the damaging effects of moths with these natural wood mothballs.

  • Place them in small muslin bags and tie them to hangers, wardrobe rails and in drawers. Great smell and a good moth repellent. When the cedar needs refreshing place balls in a plastic bag and sprinkle cedar oil on them and agitate, leave for a few hours to soak up the oil and then place cedar balls back in the muslin bags: simple! Ordered on line and great service at collection store.
  • Natural. No chemicals. Safe for kids and pets

  • Non smelly on clothes, won't leave smell on clothes, just keep storing clothing smelling forest fresh

  • Long lasting cedar fragrance approx 4-6 months
  • 100 Pieces(each .86inch in diameter)+ 3 Muslin bags , sealed bags package