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Why Red Cedar

Aromatic eastern red cedar naturally and safely repel clothes moths, freshen storage odor, absorb moisture anti mildew. Eco-friendly for kids and pets. Cedar fragrance is gentle and pleasant, won't sensitive.

What is cedar wood used for?
Clothes Moths Repellent

Aromatic red cedar keep clothes moths and silverfish away from your clothes storage,protect your sweater wool.

Closets Deodorizer

Red cedar with pleasant fragrance anti moth as well as keep your closets smelling fresh,anti mildew.

Shoes Stinky Remover

Soft cedar wood absorb sweat and freshen your sneakers or shoe cabinet,remove stinky

Car Air Freshener

Cedar chips sachets perfect for car air freshener, cedar not like lavender sachets with awful strong smell,but gentle pleasant.

Personalised Laser Engraved Cedar Gifts

Our Wahdawn solid cedar wood are engraved to perfect. Whether you are personalising for a wedding, mother's day gifts, event or luxury touch to your wardrobe you will love these!

Design options: Names, family names, religious quotes, inspirational quotes, pictures and any design ideas

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Cedar? Lavender? Rose? Camphor Mothballs?

Cedar,Lavender,Camphor Mothballs are most popular Difference between them:

Cedar: Natural |Repel Insects | Non-toxic | Safe for Kids & Pets | Eliminates Mildew | Eliminates Odors

Lavender:  Natural | Repel Insects | Non-toxic | Eliminates Odors | May Too Strong Smell for Kids and Pets

Mothballs: Toxic | Repel Insects | Harmful for Kids and Pets

Rose Sachets:  Eliminates Odors | Natural

So if you have moths insects problem, cedar and lavender is a good idea. 

if only for air freshener odor fresh, rose sachets, lavender sachets, cedar all good ways.

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