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Moth Repellent Cedar Suggested Usage


100% Natural Red Cedar - non toxic, sustainably sourced, long lasting clothes moth repellent.

Cedar wood and cedar oils are known clothes moth repellents . Cedar is a traditional wood for lining clothes drawers and wardrobes for this very reason.

Deter moths Drawers, Cupboards or Chests Cedar BallsMoth Repellent Cedar Nuggets or Cedar Chips Sachets
Deter moths Wardrobes Cedar Hook Ups for rails or Moth Repellent Cedar Disks for use on your hangers
Deter Moths Suit Bags & Dress Bags
Cedar BallsMoth Repellent Cedar Nuggets or Cedar Sachets loose within storage bags and Moth Repellent Cedar Disks for use on your hangers
Deter Moths Soft walled Storage Chests and Under-Bed Storage
Cedar BallsMoth Repellent Cedar Nuggets or Cedar Sachets


Helpful Tip: Give your red cedar wood products a light sanding with some glass paper. This will keep them in tip-top moth repelling condition and repel clothes moths from your cherished garments while hanging in your wardrobes, folded on shelves or stored in your under-bed storage bags.

Our Cedar Products make up for the lack of cedar wood in your storage furniture and yet provide the same deterrent effect to moths. Our cedar moth repellent lists products that emulate traditional cedar moth-repelling drawer linings or smaller items that can be set in the corners of drawers, spread amongst clothing or hung in wardrobes.’s cedar moth repellent product range includes moth balls, cedar blocks, cedar hanging blocks, cedar wood rings for hangers, drawer liners and a large number of other cedar products for clothes moth repellent qualities from US. In addition, we supply cedar wood oil that ensures you can keep the moth repelling cedar fragrance fresh and the deterrent effect at maximum impact levels.

Unlike many traditional old fashion moth protection chemicals, cedar clothes moth repellents have a pleasant aroma (to people - moths hate it!) and are completely natural, ensuring a safe environment for children and pets. 

We've helped thousands of customers deal effectively with moth prevention and damage by moths - with great pre- and post-sale support so that you're not alone, fast and secure delivery service, clear advice guides and ensuring that you have the right products to deal with your moth infestation, fast! - The Proven Range for Moth Control.

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